Oh, The Places We Go!


Recently, I hit a point where I thought the world was moving like a fun house at the circus. Now to help you understand better, I will lay out some context.

At my college, it is currently midterms month.  I am the go to for a group of over 30 girls to come and get help with classes and strategize over academics. During midterms week, they all remember at once that I am a resource to help their struggling grades. With that said, even with my inability to get more than 3 hours of sleep a night, I was still struggling to keep up with the extra workload.

To accommodate the added work, my blissful 3 hours of sleep started to become only 2 or less. Now, this may not seem that bad, as it is only losing about an hour a night. However, this is like having a plastic bag with a hole and then making it a slightly bigger hole. Soon, the bag is going to be depleted of its resources.

A few nights ago, my mind hit a full on mental break. Luckily, it was entertaining to my roommate. It was around 1 a.m. as I was getting off the elevator to my floor when the walls started to move.


***Shout out to my apartment building for putting in wallpaper that looks like this just to mess with people with sleep deprivation.

By the time I reached my couch, my legs felt numb, and I couldn’t get back up. However, I was not concerned as I was too busy having laughing fits over nothing. The next thing I recall in getting up around 4 a.m. with multiple Snapchats from my roommate. Apparently, when I am very sleep deprived I become the happiest person, as these videos showed whenever my roomie played her music, I would start “dancing” while I was sleeping.

Needless to say, cutting back just an hour of sleep can do quite a bit of harm to my mental state. Thank goodness for technology being able to save the events that happen once the clock strikes midnight.


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