The Mind on E


I hate feeling tired, but I also dislike the need for sleep.

It may sound crazy to read “dislike” and “sleep” in the same sentence but here me out. When you are driving your car, you don’t get instantly happy when you see that your gas tank is on E now do you? It means that your car is going stop providing its basic functions if you do not refuel fairly quickly. It is the same scenario when I have reached the E on my fuel tank. Just like your car, it is never at a time that is convenient. It is always a day where the rain is coming down like a waterfall, you’re late to an important event, or your miles from the closest destination to fuel back up.

Yet the fuel tank does not care what situation you are in. So I’ll be sitting is a class that I paid $500 for and my mind goes blank. This is also always the exact time the professor decides to call on me, yet I cannot focus. I hear the words, but my brain will not start back up. So I quietly apologize for the lack of knowledge and wait for the class to end. I get home, lay down, and BOOM: my eyes are still open.

My mind is on E yet my body sits in idle for hours or days on end. For this reason, I dislike the need for sleep, as insomnia acts as a barrier to prevent such need from being met.


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