What Insomniacs Anonymous Is All About

Recently I have read 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, by Darren Rowse. The book promises to give 31 tools of knowledge to make a blog more concrete but more importantly he tells you how to implement the knowledge provided. Overall, I found Rowse’s tips to be helpful in how to make a blog unique and fruitful. While reading, I got the idea to state his thoughts and describe how I am implementing them so that my readers can get a better grasp on what my blog offers.

Rowse starts off with building an elevator pitch for your blog. For those who do not know, an elevator pitch is a few short and sharp sentences that wrap up what your blog is about to entice the person you are giving the pitch to.

My elevator pitch is simple:

Insomniacs Anonymous is a guide to help people understand an insomniac’s life. My goal is to provide you with a specialized insight on how an insomniac thinks and acts (myself) so that you can encourage and understand a loved one or yourself better.

The next task Rowse believes to be important is to write a list post. List posts allow bloggers to spread their information further by providing short excerpts of multiple posts in a neat and enticing fashion. I believe this to be important too as it allows readers to skim and see which posts will be most beneficial to them without being bogged down by irrelevant information. I have completed a list post here to help guide my readers through my first three blog posts.

Rowse’s third chapter covers how to promote a blog efficiently. I find his points insightful on how to go about promoting. Just as a business selects a product to promote to its audience, so should bloggers. The point is not to promote the entire blog, but specific posts so that the audience can visually see what the blog is about.

Chapter four tells the blogger to study a top blog that is like your topic. The reason is this important is that it allows the blogger to see what works with their competitor’s posts, what topics they find relevant, and most importantly what topics they are missing. Rowse mentions something that I find important, “maintain the focus on your own blog.” In a world of competition, it is easy to get trapped in the cycle of copying a competitor’s tactics to stay relevant, but the purpose of having your own blog is to be unique and separate yourself from others.

From my research, I have found that the online community for insomnia is small. There have been quite a few helpful blogs, but they have been neglected for years. My goal is to tie in the best aspects of the blogs long forgotten and build up a community for insomniacs and their loved ones.

Last, a blog needs to stay up to date on the latest news in their topic. With insomnia, this may include helpful tips to sleep. It is important for me to note that my goal for this blog is not to fix sleeping behavior, but to help understand it. I will use personal experience as well as information others have found to provide the latest understandings of insomnia.

I hope this post gives you a better understanding of my reasoning behind my posts and the overall blog.

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