Daily Tip to Help Relieve Stress

When you have insomnia, you do not JUST have insomnia. You have built up anxiety and bubbling stress. As you go about your life on the minimal amount of sleep that is humanly possible (or technically shouldn’t be), everyday tasks become five times harder. As I am trying to remember the thought that I had 30 mins ago that was too precious to forget but alas it has escaped your mind forever, my stress comes and takes its place.


Over the years I have tested many types of de-stress tactics:

Drink milk: tried and yuck

Drink tea: worse than the milk

Meditate as you lay down: too stressed to be that blessed


And the list goes on and on. . . However, while randomly scrolling through Facebook at 4 a.m., I found a video that actually helped and so I hope it helps you to.


Bear with me, it may sound weird but it does work. Here is what you do:

  1. Relax your right hand, palm facing up
  2. With your left hand, grab you thumb and gently pull up for 1-2 mins
  3. Continue to do #2 on your pointer finger, middle finger and so on
  4. Push your left thumb into your right palm for 1-2 mins


Boom. Stress has decreased and you can go about your business. Let me know if this worked for you!

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