Sleep Aids: Ones that Have Worked

With modern day medicine, it is reasonable to assume that there is something out there that will help you sleep. However, I have found it quite difficult to find a liquid or pill that makes me falls asleep AND stay asleep. There have been times where I fall asleep quickly, and in 3 hours I am wide awake again or where its taken me 5 hours to knock out for the rest of the night.

So, to help my fellow insomniacs or anyone who wants a good night’s rest out there, here is a list of what I have found to be the best over-the-counter sleep aids:


4. If you’re new to sleep aids, I would suggest starting off with a product called Berry Sleepy.


Berry Sleepy is unique in that it contains naturally occurring melatonin. In the past, I have tried other brands of melatonin that have left me waking up with only a few hours of good rest. Berry Sleepy, on the other hand, is a great moderate sleeping aid.

*When I say moderate sleeping aid I am referring to the overall strength. These will not leave you groggy in the morning and help you fall asleep fairly quickly.

Click here for more details!

3. Another melatonin product that has worked for me is Natrol Melatonin.


What’s nice about Natrol is that it comes in different types. Above is the fast dissolve, but they also have liquid drops (so it gets into your bloodstream quickly) and time release (so that you can slowly work your way to bed).

Click here for more details!

2. One of my personal favorites has been ZzzQuil.


The reason why ZzzQuil is one of my favorites (okay favorite) is that it took my body about a year to get used to it. With other sleep aids, you build up a tolerance fairly quickly, but with ZzzQuil a minuscule increase in dosage about every other month got me a year of great sleep (*I DID NOT TAKE IT EVERY DAY, probably three times a week).

ZzzQuil has come out with a pill version, which gets you around the lovely taste (think Nyquil), but I would recommend the liquid as it is stronger and has better results.

Click here for more details!

1. The strongest nonprescription sleeping aid that I have found is Kirkland.


Kirkland will knock you out and give you a solid 8 hours of sleep no problem. Caution: This pill is for a weekend night where you know you’ll be lazy in the morning as it leaves you slightly groggy.

Click here for more details!

I hope that this post has given you some help in determining the next sleep aid to try!

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