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Stories From an Insomniac

Being an insomniac means that you get to experience events that a majority do not. Most of these are just trivial experiences, and rather dull. However, some nights hold the most humorous stories, mostly revolving around watching individuals struggle to stay awake.

One of these highlights was during midterms week my freshman year of college. My roommate and I were going on the end of the week with very little sleep and cramming loads of material we should have had down weeks prior (oops). Now, because I’m used to getting a little amount of sleep, I was not impacted nearly to the extent that my roommate was. We made a pact that if either of us falls asleep the other was to wake them up by doing whatever means necessary. Lucky for me, that meant I spent a few hours squirting her with a water bottle to get her to wake up. By the time it reached 2 a.m. my roommate was on a one-way train to sleepville, so I sent her to walk around in the hallway (we lived in an apartment) and go up and down the stairs. She protested, huffed, and then went on her way. Thirty minutes pass by, and she had yet to come back. Knowing her, I assumed she was sitting in a stairwell somewhere sleeping. I slipped on my shoes, opened the door to search for her and there she was: face down on the dirty carpet, in a plank position, passed out. I burst out in laughter and in her half out of it stage- she whined/giggled back. I dragged her inside and asked what in the world would prompt her to sleep in the hallway. She responded, “I knew you would be angry if I slept so I went out to sleep.” Not long after she ended up on the floor in the same position, this time on a cleanish carpet:






Insomniac in the City

All an insomniac wants to do is fall asleep, but there are some nights where your body becomes just as restless as your mind. Luckily for me, I live in the “City That Never Sleeps” and can wander when I start to feel this way, whether it be at 3 p.m. or 3 a.m. In this short video, I wanted to display how a night like this looks and feels. These walks are meant to be isolating as no thought process goes into them. The overall goal is to help clear the mind so that hopefully the restlessness fades away. In this clip, I take you on an average evening, reversed in the video from a little past midnight to around 5 p.m., of aimlessly walking on less than a handful of hours of sleep.

Shown are some of my favorite places to go to in the Financial District:

One World Trade Center

WTC Oculus

Brookfield Place

Staten Island Ferry